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How To Live A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

As we all become much more aware of the damage that the human race is doing to our planet, many people are working out ways to become more eco-friendly in their everyday lives. It can sometimes be a difficult task, especially when habits are often so ingrained and changing them, even if they are bad for the planet, becomes a chore. Here are some great, easy ways to become more eco-friendly and help our planet as much as possible.

Eat Less Meat

This may seem like a strange idea and not particularly related to environmentally friendly matters, but eating less meat really can help. Over 30 percent of the earth’s surface is used to raise livestock, and those animals are responsible to releases a lot of dangerous chemicals into the air. If everyone cut down on how much meat they eat, there would be less need for this many animals, and there would be less CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Use Less Paper

Something that we can all do relatively easily is to recycle more, and use less paper. Try going one day without using paper and see how you can do it. It will take a conscious effort to begin with, but over time you will need to use it less and less, especially since computers are used so much and everything that was once done using paper can be done using them and other mobile devices instead. Using less paper means that our forests don’t have to be cut down. Even if you do find that you need to use paper, if you can use recycled then that can certainly help. As a bonus, it takes less energy to create recycled paper than brand new.

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Stop Smoking

Cigarette butts are a huge issue when it comes to littering the planet. Not only that, but animals can eat them and become poisoned which can make them ill, or even kill them. When cigarette butts enter streams, rivers or other bodies of water, this can cause issues for many people. If you stop smoking and check out this website for e-cigarette alternatives, you can do your bit to help keep the planet healthy, plus it will be good for your own health too.

Don’t Use Plastic Bags

When you go to the grocery store, opt for canvas bags instead of plastic ones. Plastic in general is a major blight, taking many thousands of years to break down (if at all). Using less of it will certainly help the planet. Despite the cost that a canvas bag might require of you to begin with, it is reusable and will last for many years. As a bonus, canvas bags are stronger than plastic ones, so there is less chance that it will break on the way home from the store!

Start A Compost Pile

Compost piles or bins allow you to reduce your waste, and that is good for the environment. Rather than throw certain items in the garbage, they can be used for composting instead – any kind of food waste in general can be used in this way. When the compost rots down, it can be used on your vegetables and plants, so you won’t need to buy expensive soil either.

Photo by Sarah Gray on Unsplash

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