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How your recycling choices can make a big difference

The world is in danger! Plastic pollution, as well as other wastes, threaten the sustainability of our planet. One thing we are sure of is that no avenger can save us from this threat. We’ll need to make better decisions if we are to overcome the challenge. And it doesn’t start or stop with the government or any civil organization. It starts with you. Yes, you!

Even if it seems difficult to believe your efforts matter just as much as a government legislation. Each time you make a choice in favor of sustainability, you should rest assured that the magnitude of the impact far outweighs the face value of the choice. If you are still in doubt, here are a few stats that prove the power of one as it pertains to recycling.

  • On the average, a single person uses about 750 pounds of paper a year. If you could recycle all the paper you use, you’ll be saving 18 trees every year. You’d have made a forest within 5 years of actively recycling only paper.
  • On a regular day, an American adult disposes about 4 pounds of trash. Research shows that about 80% of wastes gathered from the household can be recycled. When you choose to recycle you’ll save about 3.3 pounds of trash. Extrapolating that to a whole year, you’d be keeping no less than 1000 pounds of trash from landfills.
  • It takes 90% less energy to recycle Aluminium as compared to refining the metal. Most Aluminium refining plants still make use of non-renewable sources of energy. For every soda can you recycle, you’re significantly environmental pollution arising from non-renewable sources of energy. You’ll also reduce the pressure on the world’s Aluminium deposits.
  • An average American buys about 13 water bottles every month. If you choose to reuse the bottle, you can save up to 156 bottles every year. When you factor in all the other applications of disposable plastic items, you’d agree the impact of one would be huge.

Other ways ONE can make a difference

The power of one doesn’t stop at choosing to recycle. You can also make a big difference by inspiring others to follow the pristine path. Here are some ways through which you can encourage others:

  • Start from your family members and friends. Encourage everyone close to you to recycle and show them how easy it is.
  • Organize and head recycling programs in your local community
  • Set up a recycling team at your office. If you own a business, you can provide incentives for everyone that actively participates
  • Shop from local stores and businesses that use recycled items

Making the decision to recycle puts you in a position to share your experiences and influence others. Alone, you are a powerful force in overcoming this threat to our world. It becomes even better when you are able to recruit others. So, why not embrace an earth-friendly mindset today? Mother Earth would be more than glad you did.

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