Arts Encounter Social Issues – Science Object Jewelry

The developments in our advanced civilization, such as artificial intelligence, 5G, science,
technology and genetic engineering, have given us tremendous benefits today and they
have enabled us to enjoy an easier lifestyle.

However, I think we are both beneficiaries and victims of the development of these
technologies today. This is because, as science and technology advances in our modern
system, the ecological and ethical implications, including for human life, have been the
subject of serious debate.

We live in a reality that cannot deny the double-edged sword. Therefore, I think we should
find an appropriate compromise and maintain value neutrality. Finding the center of
compromise will be an ongoing task.

Finally, we need to think more carefully. Who will benefit from this technological evolution?
What is the end point of development? How are the negative effects of development being
resolved in modern society?



Seeun Kim is a South Korean jeweler, metal craftsman and material researcher.

She has trained in Japanese traditional handicraft skills and precious metals as an advanced specialist
in Japan. Furthermore, as a Royal College of Art graduate, she has learnt a lot about metal craft while attending college in England. She is a very strict perfectionist in her project.

She believes that the human hand is a gift from human evolution. Even though today there are advanced technologies, including the CAD and 3D printing industry, handicraft products have a rareness and beauty compared to mass-produced manmade products. Moreover, there is an inexpressible complexity in the handicraft world that a machine cannot imitate. Thus, she has decided to develop her works more broadly by striking a balance between the tradition and the modern. Moreover, most of her projects have dealt with diverse social issues in modern society.

Seeun is not only can she deal with diverse materials in jewelry and metal craft but also she always endeavors to develop advanced metal craft skills in both applied art and fine art fields.


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