Natali Urma: “A mystery”

Photographer: Nataliy Urmakova
WB: nataliy_urmakova
Photographer: Natali Urma
IG: @natali_urma
WB: natali_urma


Natali Urma: “Who and what is a person? It’s a mystery to me. They say that a person’s life is priceless. In my opinion, it is worthless. A breath of wind, dust. What is life? This moment. People try to prove to each other that they are worth something in this world. We come into this world alone and leave this world alone. The earth has made us happy. Man returns to the earth and becomes dust. So pass years, centuries. And everything would be meaningless if it weren’t for one thing. I included a quote from the Book of job, because it’s better to say, as job said, I can’t: “What is a man that you value him so much and pay attention to him? You visit it every morning, every moment you experience it. Remember that You have made me like clay and are turning me to dust. Is it a torn leaf That you are crushing? Take water and lakes, and a river becomes parched and dries up: so a man will lie down and not get up; until the end of heaven, he will not Wake up; Leave me, step away from me, so that I may be a little encouraged before I go away, and I will not return.”