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adoption centers in USA

Top 10 best Adoption centers in USA

Adoption centers in the USA

Adoption centers in the USA are generally a legal procedure, including two sets of parties, one includes the birth parents while the second includes adoptive parents. The adoption service however plays the role of a middleman. For instance, if you want to adopt a child you will not directly go to that child and say “Hey I want to adopt you”; rather you will go to an adoption agency and file an application. The said agency will then investigate all the legal procedures and will contact you once they are ready. 

Most of the Adoption centers in USA agencies provide several different services, the services include;

  1. Adoptive parents
  2. Counseling for birth parents
  3. Performing a home study
  4. Providing education
  5. Preparing paperwork
  6. Performing post-placement visits

Furthermost of the agencies keep in touch with the adoptive family once a month, for six months or a year in the name of post-placement visits. These ideas are mostly originated by the state agency. These visits can be intimidating for the adoptive parents, but they are conducted only to make sure that the adoptive family is progressing in a healthy and functional way. The assessors are only there to make sure that you have all the resources to raise a healthy child. The allies who conduct the home study are there to ensure that the adoptive family does not need any additional services. 


Generally, the adoption services do not have only one function, but their purpose will depend on how they are licensed. While searching for best adoption centers one needs to deduce what type of services, he/she needs for his situation and make sure the chosen adoption center is licensed to do that. 

Adoption centers in the USA

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8 out of 10 adoption centers will have in-house attorneys to complete the legal paperwork for the adoption, or sometimes they sign a contract with attorneys to provide all the legal services required.  The Adoption centers in the USA have a lot of agencies that are working, internationally and locally, within the country and outside the states as well.

 USA top 10 adoption centers are as follows:

  • American adoptions
  • Texas adoption center
  • 3.Adoption center (Philadelphia)
  • 4.Gladney center for adoption
  • Loving heart international adoption agency
  • 6.Alliance for Children adoption New York
  • Nightlight Christian Adoption 
  • A new beginning adoption service 
  • Georgia Agape-Adoption Agency Atlanta 
  • American world Adoption 
Let’s look at these top 10 adoption services in detail

American Adoptions

Official website:

American adoption is one of the largest domestic adoption agencies of its kind in the USA. Each year American adoption involves more than 300 domestic adoptions. It is a fully licensed, non-profit domestic adoption agency working across the nation.  Expectant mothers and Adoptive families have come to trust only licensed adoption professionals, such as American adoptions, with their adoption dreams. Its qualified staff provides outstanding support and step by step instruction to expecting mothers and adoptive families throughout the adoption process. American adoption acknowledges that each adoption story has its own unique beginning and ending. 

Texas adoption center

Official Website:

Texas Adoption Center is a new and different and non-adoption agency who is serving pregnant women in Texas and adoptive families in almost every state. As an adoption agency Texas adoption agency offers the best of both worlds, being modern on one hand and professional on the other hand, local to Texas and down to earth. Texas Adoption agency comprises of caring and dedicated staff who ensure your happiness and well-being. 

Aim of Texas Adoption service

The aim of this agency is to provide a very personal kind of support. Their personal dimension defines and assures that those we work with feel confident, respected, and appreciated. Adoption overall is a beautiful experience and scary and stressful at the same time. It’s a step by step procedure and this is about baby, the biological parents, and the foster parents. Texas adoption service aims at supporting families to the best of their sustenance.

Adoption center (Philadelphia)

Official website

This adoption center is established since 1985. It offers a wide range of adoption services. The services are for pregnant women, prospective adoptive parents and children throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area from their main office in Wynnewood, PA.

This adoption center offers numerous services free of charge for pregnant ladies. This adoption service offers to counsel for expectant mothers and adoptive families. Philadelphia adoption professionals will guide you throughout the process with care and compassion. Their professional counselors are available 24/7 to ensure that you make the right choices for yourself, your family, and your children. This adoption center will handle all your insurance matters, whether you have insurance coverage or not the adoption professionals will file your insurance claims or pay for your pre-birth and post-birth hospital expenses if no insurance can be provided.  The adoption center serves throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area and all its surrounding areas from the Wynnewood office. Its professionals serve clients in all these areas. 

      • Chester County, PA
      • Bucks County, PA
      • Delaware County, PA
      • Philadelphia County, PA
      • South Philadelphia
      • Montgomery County, PA
      • Upper Darby, PA
      • Ardmore, PA
      • Plymouth Meeting, PA

Gladney Canter for Adoption

Official website:

It is open to criticism and hard-working firm with a mission of saving and secure adoption. The main aim is to provide support and guidance to expecting mothers, adoptive parents, birth parents, and children. Gladney Center for Adoption aims at giving children caring and loving families around the world. The organization takes special care and investigation in order to choose a family for children, they require a special kind of family to adopt a child, and its worth everything. Willing partners and expectant parents can contact on this number 800-452-3639.

Loving heart international adoption agency

Official website:

The aim of Loving heart international adoption is to achieve a family dream with mutual understanding dedication, experience, and established processes. It is a non-profit organization with an objective to help adoptive parents and children to achieve eternal happiness and a better future. The loving heart has an experienced staff with detailed knowledge of the adoption laws and requirements of the USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, and Macedonia. 

Alliance for Children Adoption New York

With more than 40 years of experience Alliance for Children Adoption is a fully licensed, attributed international agency. It has been placing children in different families internationally with a long network of clients. Alliance Adoption offers a variety of services, and families from all over the country and throughout the world can adopt through one of their international programs. Families living in those states where is firm is licensed; can also have the agency to complete a home study and post-placement reports. 

Nightlight Christian Adoption

Official website:

It is the oldest agency to provide an experience of parenthood through domestic, national, international, and foster adoption programs. Nightlight Christian Adoption is pioneers in the world’s first embryo adoption program. In 1997 they started this project to allow families to experience and enjoy pregnancy and give birth to their adopted child. They offer several services for adoptive families and birth parents they are as follows:

  1. Unplanned pregnancy
  2. International adoption
  3. Domestic infant adoption
  4. Snowflakes embryo adoption
  5. Foster care and adoption

A new beginning adoption service 

Official website:

As the name suggests this agency ensures a loving and caring family for the child and a new beginning for adoptive parents. With an experience of over thirty years, this agency has diligently worked to discover lasting homes for displaced and orphaned children. They have a team of experienced and compassionate professionals who take pride in operating an adoption agency internationally. The new beginning has a motto to work on the principles and fundamentals of the Hague Convention.

Georgia Agape-Adoption Agency Atlanta 

Official website:

With an aim to build new families and strengthen old ones, Georgia Agape is a non-profit organization established since 1970. This adoption agency is licensed as a “Child Placing Agency “by the Georgia Department of Human Resources. It is also accredited by COA (Council on Accreditation). The agency is very well supported by caring individuals, foundations, different corporations, and the Churches of Christ in Georgia, as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. All other donations not given in exchange for services or goods are tax-deductible. Georgia Agape- Adoption Agency is a multi-service agency with a highly experienced staff; who are motivated by a sincere desire to help those in need and assistance. Its services include:

  1. Adoption
  2. Foster Care
  3. Unplanned pregnancy Counselling
  4.  Medical Assistance

 American world Adoption

Official website:

American world adoption has an aim to build families according to God’s design of Adoption. On the other hand, it (agency) also take care of vulnerable children around the globe. The agency also shares evidence and information about how they are enthusiastically involved in taking care of vulnerable children around the world. They offer services like medical care and assistance to orphaned children, family reunification, and provide food to them.  


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