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Non-Profit Organizations

Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in America

“No act of kindness, no matter how small can ever go wasted.” -Aesop

The sole purpose of this life is to live an extraordinary life. And to live an extraordinary life, one must reach out to people in need and crisis and work day and night for the welfare of humankind. Working for a deep-rooted cause like this requires a platform and a team for the others to join in too. 

Across the world, apart from State and public, a third party that thrives for the critical development of a nation is a non-profit organization. An N.G.O. Fights and struggles for the weaker class. Women’s rights, child education, healthcare, humanitarian services, domestic violence, abuse, animal rights, environmental conservation, and every little step that aims to build a nation is a Non-Profit Organizations’ top priority. 

Around 1.5 million Non-profit organizations are currently serving the poor and disabled refugees, homeless children and women, the war-stricken people in America, and remotely in developing countries. These non-profit organizations do not work for personal benefit but are based on funds and donations. Several Non-Profit Organizations participate in business or generate revenue through various activities to meet the organization’s goal and to be able to help the needy.

Non-Profit Organizations in America

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Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations

Listed down are the top 10 Non-Profit Organizations (descending order) in the United States working for the welfare of human beings, animals and the environment.

10. M.A.P. International

M.A.P. International is a Chicago based non-profit organization thriving to provide medicine to the ones in need. For around 65 years, M.A.P. has been serving people irrespective of their colour, religion, creed, or ethnicity. 

What do they do

M.A.P. has been fulfilling its promise to provide lifesaving medicine and health equipment for those struggling to live their life to the fullest. In regions where the disease is endemic, M.A.P. works with local health care workers to restore healthy conditions for those having no access to it.

With areas struck with disaster, M.A.P. contributes its services in the form of Disaster Health Kits (D.H.K.), medicine, health supplies, and other preventive equipment. 

M.A.P. International has provided around medicine worth $6million around the world and been recognized over the years due to its remarkable service, low overhead, and extraordinary high impact.

9. Brother’s Brother Foundation

Brother’s brother’s foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Pennsylvania and has been providing services for medicine and education. The organization has been working for the past 60 years in 149 countries to make lives better.

What do they do

B.B.F. was founded with a mission to help as many around the world as they can. The primary goal is to promote standard healthcare, educational and Nutritional facilities among those who lack them.

B.B.F. tends to work with organizations and mission groups to help connect with the ones in need around the world and to assist supply all the efforts and services in a reliable way. All donations and services are controlled by B.B.F.’s staff and volunteers who make sure needs are met at a little operational cost.

8. Feed the children

Feed the children is an Oklahoma based non-profit organization that was founded to end child hunger. The organization has been struggling to eradicate child hunger and provide hope and resources for the past 40 years and believes there’s a future when no child will sleep hungry.

What do they do

Their goal is to make sure no child goes to bed hungry. They connect donors and join hands with other organizations with the same cause and help those who don’t have access to essential life needs.

The remarkable team at Feed the Children is making every effort to bring donors to a reliable platform, strengthens the impact of the organization, reach out to more children in need, and build up a brand.

7. Y.M.C.A. of U.S.A.

The Y.M.C.A. is a non-profit organization that comes with a mission to bring positive change into society through Christian Principles. Y.M.C.A. contributes towards the program that builds a healthy mind, body, and soul.

What do they do

For the past 160 years, Y.M.C.A. has been engaging potential neighbours to help bridge the gap between community needs. Y.M.C.A. is recognized to nurture younglings that have a spark and will contribute to a better and sustainable future.

At Y.M.C.A., they believe everyone has the right to be healthy, confident, and secure. They think that everyone should learn, grow, and serve. Bringing people from all ethnic backgrounds not only makes them beautifully versatile but also sends a positive impact on the masses.

6. World Vision

World Vision works worldwide for the sustained well-being of vulnerable children. Several other programs are run successfully, and this non-profit organization radiates positivity by child protection, economic development, health and nutrition, disaster management, and education.

What do they do

Their topmost priority is community-based sustainable development with a particular focus on children. Emergency relief for disaster management and collaborations with churches for spiritual healing and social growth.

They believe in unity and public involvement in raising awareness and prayer. World Vision works entirely on Christ’s life, his good deeds, and signs, which ultimately encourages people to respond to the call of need from the Gospel. Despite being Christian oriented, World Vision values all people despite religion, race, and ethnicity because Jesus loves all.

With an open policy, they engage, let people from around the globe participate, and develop healthy working relations.

5. Delivering Goods

Delivering goods is a non-profit organization and charity of choice on new products introduced by several companies in the home, children and fashion sector. In this way, providing sounds help meet the needs of millions of children, adults, and even families. For more than 30 years, $1.6 billion products have been distributed through their channel.

What do they do

Their mission is to bring retailers, manufacturers, individuals, and foundations to work for a single cause, I.e., to help people affected by poverty and tragedy. By donating new products, including apparel, shoes, home furniture, school supplies accessorize, and even toys. Delivering goods has been serving humanity under the name of K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers. Merchandise is donated by manufacturers or marketers, which through proper channels, are distributed to the ones in need, maintaining their dignity and self-esteem.

With virtual events, delivering goods has been gathering donations to help low-income and disadvantaged families in the COVID-19 crisis.

4. United States Fund for UNICEF

United States Fund for UNICEF supports UNICEF and its goal to help children via advocacy, education, and fundraising. UNICEF USA works with governments, civic leaders, public figures, celebrities, teachers, lawyers, and even ordinary people like us for the survival and upbringing of children.

What do they do

UNICEF was born in the aftermath of World War II and used to supply Nutritional supplements, dry milk, medicine and immunizations to ill and war-stricken children. With the assistance of both governmental and non-governmental organizations, UNICEF has recognized to not only save but protect the children. By providing health care, Nutritional supplements, sanitation, and access to safe and clean drinking water, UNICEF is making a difference every day. 

Amidst all chaos due to COVID-19, UNICEF is serving in developing countries with a total focus on children and young girls.

3. Human Rights Watch (H.R.W.)

As the name suggests, Human Rights Watch is an independent non-profit organization that ensures the safety of human rights under humanitarian Law. With the help of lawyers, journalists, and academics, Human Rights Watch is best known for fact-finding, unbiased reporting, and fair use of media. 

What do they do

H.R.W. publishes around 100 reports in 90 countries, and this transparency leads to the collaboration of Human Rights Watch to United Nations, governments, Regional Groups like African and European Union, and financial institutions to help restore, change the human rights policy, and promote human rights and justice around the globe.

2. Shriners Hospital for Children

Shriners Hospital has been providing the highest quality services to children with critical burn injuries, neuromusculoskeletal conditions, cleft lips, and spinal cord injuries. A network of 22 non-profit locations, Shriners have been changing lives and putting smiles on children.

What do they do

Along with treating children and making a change, this non-profit organization helps teach the physicians and professionals and researches to introduce innovation in the healthcare of children and families.

Irrespective of caste, colour, ethnicity, and the ability of a family to pay, Shriners is working day and night to help those in pain, Shriners become the largest pediatric sub-speciality healthcare facility.

1. Lutheran Services in America

Lutheran Services in America is a non-profit organization run by 300 health and human service organization that helps humans grow and thrive.

What do they do

At Lutheran Services in America, people in need are served through connecting people and experts and by transforming their lives through development, fundraising, and services. 

Lutherans serve all low-income people, the ones with vulnerable impact, children, families, senior citizens, disabled and disadvantaged people. Their mission is to strengthen individuals, families, and, ultimately, a nation.


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